Pakistan was created in the name of Islam under the outstanding leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. The Quran placed great emphasis on education. The Quaid also highlighted its importance for the new nation. Unfortunately, despite high and repeated rhetoric, education remained the most neglected aspect of national life during the last half century. Now, as we have entered in the new millennium, we must turn towards the high road of education, knowledge, leaning, sciences and technology.
Lahore Technical Education Society (LTES) was founded in the year 1994 in Lahore with a mission to advance for the cause of education in general and all its function which pertain to engineering and allied branches of technology.
Our main goal is to serve the community by training the students and prepare them to accept the responsibilitiesfor the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare. We are living in an age revolution through knowledge. It is only by education at all levels, specially technical education that Pakistan can enter the privileged club of developed nations. Thats why we feel proud that we have launched a technical colleges network (Lahore Group of Technical Colleges) to perform our duties and to contribute towards the development of Pakistan.
Our Major project
Lahore Group of Technical Colleges
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Major Objectives of the Society:
  1. To contribute towards the betterment of the country through better education.
  2. To enlighten the students about teachings of Islam and to make them aware of their duties regarding social and personal values.
  3. To provide opportunity to the deserving students.
  4. To prepare skilled manpower that can accept the challenges of the new millennium.
  5. To enhance professional ideals & standards.
  6. To foster research as a function complementary to teaching.
  7. To bring about effective linkage between technical institutions industry & society.
  8. To establish institutions for technical education all over the country.
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